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Myriad experienced based design studies confirm that design and color play an enormous role in the healing process. Design also impacts patients both as they wait in the office setting, and within patient treatment rooms, providing the ability to change patient perception of both anxiety and pain. Our client’s find that their décor impacts their patient clientele positively in this regard. They also experience improved staff retention, workflow and satisfaction, and self-enjoyment throughout the work day. Most surprisingly, they have found that they have actually brought new patients to their practices through the décor, alone!


Dr. Araiee Dentistry Dr. Ariaee Dentistry
Dr. Ariaee’s Dentistry Office is a state of the art general and aesthetic dentistry practice. Dr. Ariaee elected to have his new office be in keeping with his state of the art skills, so this relatively small office footprint was packed with every current innovation in dentistry and décor.
Basic Spine Medical Clinic Basic Spine
Basic Spine is a high tech spinal care company doing cutting edge surgery and care for individuals who often feel they have no other option for success. A mult disciplinary company, their goal is the total treatment of the patient. The creation of this particular facility was totally under the direction of the director of the company, desiring to put his patients totally at ease once in his office.
Beach Road Contemporary Fontana Medical Clinic
The Fontana clinic serves a large medical population, providing continuing follow up physical therapy service on site. Their new facility provides a beautiful and comfortable environment for the community. Dr. Bembi believes that showing respect to his patients and a beautiful environment for them to enjoy will result in them showing respect for themselves and the environment around them.
Long Beach OB/GYN Long Beach OB/GYN
Dr. Kogan, of Long Beach OB/GYN, chose to create a totally new office adjacent to his current office in Long Beach, bringing in more of a light beach atmosphere .The office flow was masterfully streamlined by Varisco Medical. The color scheme revolved around soft blues, beiges, and neutrals.
Mission Viejo Medical Office Mission Viejo Medical Office
This large OB/GYN practice had outgrown their prior spaces, and chose to build a singular space to house their operations that would accommodate their needs, yet feel as personal as possible for the patients. This was not to be a clinic feel, rather a series of smaller intimate ‘pods’, each with their own nurse station, and two primary waiting areas.
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