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Beverly Stadler is the principal and heart of Design Focus. Her love of design led her to return to school to achieve an associate’s degree in interior design following a brief career in nursing. Her ethical standards, scientific mind, and communication skills are a perfect marriage with the artistic and creative talents that led her to the design field, and have since rewarded her with accolades and awards.

Beverly believes that design is as much about responding to human needs and solving spatial problems as it is about aesthetics. If your home is stunning, but does not meet your needs for daily life and entertaining, it is not a success. As a result each project vision begins with your functional necessities and the inherent character of the architectural space, and all else follows from there. Your style is the design that we choose to create for your project, one that is beautiful, uniquely ‘you’, and functionally focused on your life style and your specialty needs.

Our clients thank us for creating interiors for them that always feel like home: interiors that are artful, masterfully creative, enduring, and always comfortably livable. We invite you to join us in creating your special space, home, or office.

Beverly Stadler

Design Focus Awards - Best Living Room Design / Best Dining Room Design
While the design vision for each project is formulated by Beverly in consultation with
each client, our whole team is involved with every project, providing the benefit of
all our talents to each phase. One of us is always available to answer your questions,
and to address any concerns you may have as your project progresses.

Gilda Bahadori

Gilda has been an invaluable member of our Design Focus team for nearly a decade.Gilda is our CAD drawing specialist, bringing specialty drawings to life for our clients to visualize their interiors long before framing is complete.No curve or degree of uniqueness in design is too big a drawing challenge for Gilda's talents! Gilda is also an accomplished administrator, ably handling the day to day financials between our monthly bookkeeping by Khoury Bookkeeping Services.



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Patricia Greyson

Patricia joined us this past year, and we are so glad she did! A talented designer with a keen eye for color and proportion, Patricia is the whole package: she is talented in all areas of design, and is expanding her skillsĀ  daily. We especially enjoy her sunny disposition.



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