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FAQs - The Design Process

  • The design process begins with you. We listen and understand your lifestyle, desires, needs, taste and budget so together we can determine the design direction for your office, home, or space.
  • We start with drawing: We solve the spatial issues, traffic flow, and orientation and verify that use needs will be met by space planning and furniture layout. The function of the space must come first, and these needs be answered, prior to any conceptual design in regard to aesthetics.
  • We take the architecture, landscape and view into consideration so there is a seamless flow between the interior and exterior of the home. This consideration contributes to timeless interiors and enables the project to stand the test of time.
  • Next, design development takes place, during which time we fully develop your design plan, including all products, detail drawings, fabrics, and surfaces. Once this process is complete it is visually presented to you so you can see what we have in mind. We may ‘check in’ with you several times throughout the process to be sure we are on track with your desires.
  • Implementation of the plan, once approved, requires our specifications being communicated to all sub contractors, if necessary, along with order placement, follow up and ultimately, installation. How long a process this may be depends upon the breadth of your project, and will be reviewed with you in detail.
  • Accessorization, is the ‘icing on the cake’ for all projects, and we provide this service for our clientele. Whether it is reframing and matting treasured pieces of art from a former home to better blend in your new home, procuring new art and sculptures, mirrors, plant services, and accessories of all varieties, bedding, towels and even your tableware, we have sources to provide the complete coordinated look you desire, at the savings you appreciate. 


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